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Money will not buy you happiness, but wealth does provide safety and comfort and, more importantly, it creates more choices and opportunities in your Life. Whether your goal is to grow your wealth or simply to preserve it, how wisely you invest in your assets will play a significant role in the quality of life you live.



What We Do?

We provide guidance on the Financial Market through our online & offline training sessions. Our courses is design with proven workable trading plan, for those who wants an edge in financial markets. By following the plan anyone can become self-directed trader and investor.

How We Do?

We provide training in 2 stages, one is classroom style session and other is online mentorship & assistance to build a workable trading plan in your choice of market. Be it equity, commodity or currency. Afterall its “The self-developed, proven trading plan which prove your business plan for mastering the markets.”

Why We Do?

In our country financial literacy is very less. We provide premium education & support to meet your financial goals. Shaping your future by getting you ready for new opportunities ahead is our objective. It’s not just a profession but it provides you a Lifestyle which everyone dreams of.




If you are new to stock market then you must start with this. This course starts with “What is Investment” and ends with “How to place the Order.” The aim of this course is to teach you how the market works. You will also be able to understand various global economic events and its effect on stock market. You will be a step ahead at the end of this course.



Technical analysis is an art which involves quasi-statistical techniques and formal statistics that are used to determine the existence and strength of trend. Also to identify turning points of these trend for any tradable instruments. It helps to set proper strategy for trending & non trending market condition which ultimately leads to take right investment or trading decisions.



A Derivative is a contract between two or more parties which derives its value from an underlying asset. It is used by traders to speculate the future price movements of an underlying asset without having to purchase the actual asset itself. By analyzing the Derivatives data, trader gets more insight about the trend & market sentiment.


Live Market Sessions

We are the only training institute which provides practical live sessions in the market hours for Advance Technical Analysis and Derivatives courses.

Online Batches

We are the pioneers in the online stock market training. We have successfully completed over 750 online batches with participants from across the globe.

Post Course Mentoring

This is our USP, wherein we provide mentoring, post completion of the course, to everyone taking our courses. Free Lifetime support is also provided.

Learn From A Trader Himself

We are the only training institute where the trainer is also a trader and has over 8 years of trading experience. This gives a more practical approach to our courses.

What Our Clients Say?

Right choice for stock market learning from basic to advance... helpful mentors and has unique way of making learn and understand...good job bhavesh ji and abhishek ji...JSK keep rocking..
Harsha Jumnani
Professional - Pune
Very nice place to gather knowledge. Mentor is too good and pays true attention to our knowledge building and queries. A nice human being. A must go place if money matters to you.
IT Professional - Pune
I have done technical analysis course in JSK financial and noticed following observations-Teaching about technical analysis is very good by JSK team; I have also learnt how to read chart with time frames; learnt leading and lagging indicators, candlestick patterns, Support & resistance at different TF
Andrew Jane
Director of a top Consulting Firm - USA
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